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*** Customer Initiated ***
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When you enter your eye height above the earth (and optionally the height of a distant object) the calculator returns the distance to the horizon (or distant object) in km, statute miles or nautical miles.

I find it useful when sailing to gauge the distance to a nearby boat or the shore. With an iPhone application it would be useful for sailors to select from a list of objects, like a lake freighter etc. to determine their distance away.

As a pilot on a CAVU day it would be of interest to know how far the horizon was away.

When sailing, I enter in my “eye above the earth” as 10 feet and a distance mast at 50 feet and it tells me how far away the distant boat is. While sailing to XXXX this summer a boat was ahead of us by 9.5 nm and by XXXX we were only .5 nm away. The CN Tower is another landmark that can be used to calculate distance.